2 Dyson DC07 DC14 Post HEPA Filters, Part # 901420-02



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Crucial Vacuum
Richard W.

My First Order With Crucial Vacuum!

While searching for Dyson replacement parts, I came across the Crucial Vacuum site. I immediately noticed the lower price on the parts I was searching for, so I looked closer. What "sold" me on going forward with my purchase were the videos that demonstrated how to do the replacements I was searching. (OK, it was the young ladies humor and personality that did the videos). Actually, that made it a great value! I could get a better price, and I could learn more in the process-perfect! I didn't know how to access the HEPA filter, but I learned from the site how to do that, and how often it should be done. (I'm embarassed to say, I have never replaced those filters, and because of watching the video, I did! My old ones were gross, and my vacuum has increased suction now, and I know I have less room contamination. This is an honest review by an impressed customer who has purchased several replacement parts recently for my Dyson. Please feel free to ask me questions because I have NO association with this Company. Thanks, Richard W. a retired guy in Illinois.

Steve S.

Great products, low price

Very pleased with all the products i received, fit perfect and much cheaper than the local repair shop !!!!

valerie s.

fast service

just what my vac needed