Eureka DCF3 Filter, Part # 61825, 62136



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5.0 oz
Crucial Vacuum

ALMOST like original

My Eureka stunk, and finally discovered it was due to the very dirty filter. This filter was just like original, except it requires a bit of force to either remove or install. The original one easily slid on and off. I didn't realize until I bought this one that the filter is washable. Simply rinse the filter very well (inside & out) with hot water. It takes several minutes until the water runs clear. It takes a couple of days to completely dry, so having two allows me to always have a clean dry one. Only reason it's not 5 stars is because of the difficulty to apply and remove it. My Eureka put out an awful smell when I used it, but not since I put this new one in. I was even beating and airblowing the dirt out, but that just doesn't clean it like water does.

susan stegar

It does the job.

I had a hard time finding a filter locally to fit my Eureka. I've had my vaccuum for a long time and it is still works great. I did find this product is a little tight; had to struggle to make it fit, but it works good. I had washed the old filter (which it said not to) and it did get mildew. So I am a little skeptical about washing this one even though is says washable.