Shark V1950 Battery, Part # XB1918



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12.8 oz
Crucial Vacuum
Kathy L


Perfect, just like the original.

Joseph M. Canon

It works!!!

I wasn't expecting much as I couldn't 100% be sure exactly which Shark vacuum cleaner I had, and whether or not the battery was the right size, but I guessed as good as I could from the photo, and it works. This is an unusual battery. At first I thought I had to break the plastic seal to detach the cords, but it is the cord that detaches, like an extension cord, from the vacuum. Also, at first I thought I had the wrong size battery, because I couldn't close the lid. Finally, after trying every combination of ways to load the battery found the way that works, with the label facing out--DUH!!! Charged it overnight, and used my Shark vacuum cleaner the next day. Works great! So glad I didn't have to buy a new vacuum cleaner!

Robert I Davis

Worked great

Easy to install. With old battery the sweeper lost power before one cleaning was completed. With new battery can clean several times without recharging.

Kathleen Ready

Replacement battery

Wonderful! My sweeper works better than ever!