Crucial Swirl: Powerful Portable Vacuum & Blower



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Crucial Vacuum
Lynette S.

This is a great product! Searched and researched and finally found the right portable vacuum

The Crucial Swirl Portable Vacuum truly addresses the need for power - it has more than my regular vacuum cleaner. Because this item is so good, I don't hesitate to take it out and really get into edges and corners I ignored for so long. Great job Crucial Vacuum people!

Sharon B.

Love this vacuum

A leading consumer magazine should include this vacuum in its reviews: it's fabulous. Years ago, I fashioned a strap for a hand-held vacuum, and always wondered why someone didn't do that. This vacuum is comfortable to use, whether holding it or using the strap. And it's surprisingly powerful. I can easily move around the house to dust, vacuum the corners, and suck up cobwebs. I also used the blower to clean out my keyboard. I highly recommend this vacuum.

David M Macdonald

Excellent portable vacuum

Amazingly light, portable and easy to handle. Quite powerful for a small vacuum. Long power cord allows excellent reach from power supply. Plenty of attachments to fit all needs. Vacuum bag is very easy to change. Price is reasonable. I am very satisfied with this vacuum.

Bruce Gonsalves


very nice, light small vacuum, that does a big job. happy with it, it fits in a large shoulder bag. Looks very professional


Hoarder with long-haired dogs loves it!

Best little vac ever made! Sling the strap over your shoulder and suck up the dog fur! The small bag gets filled every use, so I am forced to throw out the flea eggs every time. Great suction for slobs like me who should vacuum more often than I do. At a mere 4.5 pounds, it is light enough for me to carry even with my arthritic knees. It is a clone of the Simplicity Sport and Riccar Supralift. I had the Sport but lost the wand and found I could not live without this model vacuum. Has micro tools for you neatniks who vacuum your keyboards and electronics (and God knows what else). For $100, it is the best deal on the Internet. It arrived earlier than expected, too.