Dyson DC17 Post HEPA Filter, Part # 911235-01



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Good replacement filter

Side by side comparison they looked like for like. On installation, it did not fit as I expected so I re-installed the old one with the same difficulties. It installs in a tight, hard to maneuver location so with the new filter seating surface not "molded" to vacuum it takes a bit to get it correctly seated. Not the filters fault, just less than optimum engineering by Dyson

Patrick M.

This is a perfect replacement post-motor HEPA filter

This is a perfect replacement post-motor HEPA filter. I was having problems with the exhaust smell from my DC17. I didn't realize that the post-filter even existed. As soon as I changed out the filter, the smell was gone and the vacuum is back to full suction. No need to buy this part from Dyson as this was a perfect fit. I have bought a few of these replacements over time and will continue to do so. great product.

Randolph M.

baldybully dyson dc-17 animal

good quality products fairly fast shipping customer service very nice YES I would buy from them again and I have. just waiting for the order.


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Great product, great fit! Glad we found this website.


post filter great

great product at a great price