Think Crucial Washable & Reusable Stainless Steel Cone Coffee Filter Fits Chemex®-Brand 6, 8 & 10 Cup Coffee Makers



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Gisele G.

Chemex Steel filter

Totally love it! Shipped promptly and I have ZERO complaints :)

Judith L Shane

This is the Perfecting Piece for the Chemex system

needed to solve a problem with the new Chemex that i didn't anticipate and had never seen; osmosis. Unless you are willing to stand over the stove for EVER pouring 2 inches of water at a time, water and coffee both pass through the sides of the filter, rise up between the filter and the glass, over the top and down on to the stove i thought perhaps if someone had a cone that would fit the chemex, i could put the filter in that and it would create a barrier to the liquid. It did, it does, and I'm thrilled. really worth a few more dollars, if you're going to use the chemex system, and especially if you decide to use the coffee sock (and THAT is fun and does exactly what it says, eliminates the paper filter taste) - add this cone and it's a tra la all fixed thing...

Shirley Farrell

Stainless Steel Cone Filter

I like this filter very much. It will save me money in the long run for not having to buy filters. The paper filters are fine, but they are not available in my area. Some fine grounds settle at the bottom of my Chemex, but they can be discarded with the last small amount of brewed coffee.

Joshua Parker

Happy Wife - Happy Life

For the last few years the families been spending nearly $10/month on filters, and saw this pop up significantly less then any other reusable filters so I got a little excited. Wife's pretty particular about her coffee, so I didn't tell her I was using a reusable filter to avoid prejudice in the taste the story goes.... Went about my standard AM routine, pouring water over a fine grind, and wasn't disappointed with the results. I was mildly nervous about grinds getting in the coffee, but the filter worked as it should. No complaints from the wife either. I'll this one as a victory.3

Nikki Doke

Improves Taste; Durable

As a reduce, reuse, recycle enthusiast. This supports that by reducing the use of paper filters. I use the product every day and love not having to buy filters. It saves trees and time for me. As a coffee enthusiast, like others looking into this filter, it works well to prevents grounds in my coffee, and is easy to rinse and clean. I’ve put it through dishwasher without issue. As for quality, you’ll see when you get it. I’ve bought other products from Crucial, they always come as advertised.