2 Dyson DC41 Belts, Part # 920640-01



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Crucial Vacuum
shannon b.

Dyson DC41 belts

When my vacuum brush stopped rotating I called Dyson. The help desk said that it sounded like the motor had gone bad. Because I was out of my warranty, they could send me a new motor for $150- or buy a new Dyson at a discounted price. As we were trying to decide what to do my husband pulled the vacuum apart and found a broken belt. We weren't able to find that Dyson sold belts. We found this site and got 2 belts at a great price!! Now my vacuum works as good as ever! Thank you Crucial!

John J.

Crucial saved me $110

Dyson doesn't sell replacement belts for their vacuum. They told me it would cost $110 and I had to buy a new head. Crucial has the belt that Dyson doesn't want you to know about. Nine dollars and that gives me a spare one in case the belt breaks in the future. Thank you crucial

Luke B.

Perfect part

this was the exact replacement for the broken part that I needed.

Jonathan G.

Great to Use

Web site was really easy to use, and really quick to find items. I was able to order, pay, and get the items shipped to me really quickly. I really enjoyed using the service. Thank you!

Jim Benes

Works - saves $$$$

They are narrower than the original belt, but work. Considering Dyson only sells the higher level motor assembly ( for $80+ ) these are a fantastic value even if I have to replace them yearly.