6 Shop-Vac 10, 12, 14 Gallon Bags, Part # 9067200 & 9066200



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1.2 lbs
Crucial Vacuum
Dan D.

Work great

Half the price of OEM and do just as good a job. Had my Shop Vac for over a year and the pleated filter is not dirty enough to replace or clean.

Minh L.

Very happy customer!

Fast delivery and great deals! I will order again!

Dan D.

Better quality-half the price

I have been buying "High Filtration" OEM Shop Vac bags, but have had a problem with them. There is a inner lining, which I assume makes them "high efficiency". The only problem after a short time the inner lining tears and drops to the bottom of the bag eliminating their "high efficiency". When I brought this to Shop Vacs attention they said they were not aware of the problem(ya I bet). I just started using Crucial Vacs bags and so far no problems. I judge their efficiency by checking the pleated filter for dust or dirt and so far so good.

Dan D.

Just as good-half the price

I have been buying OEM Shop Vac bags and have had problems with them. The OEM high efficiency bags have a inner lining which I assume is what makes them high efficiency. Well after a short time the inner lining breaks loose and you are left with a paper bag which is not very efficient. After talking with Shop Vac they were surprised that was happening(ya I bet) and they sent me some replacement bags which did the same thing. I have only used the crucial vac bags for two weeks but they seem to be doing a better job than the expensive faulty bag. How I can tell is the pleated cartridge is not getting dirty or clogged.