2 Pet Grooming Brush Attachment Tools, Fits 32MM Vacuum Cleaners



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Crucial Vacuum

Love them but can fall off, have to push them on hard

I love these brushes for the vacuum. My 120 German shepherd is obsessed with getting vacuumed, he just loves it (pain when I don't want to vacuum him, but actually the carpet, LOL. ) BUT my complaint is that you have to really really press these on hard on the end of the hose to keep them from getting loose again and falling off. I have a normal vacuum, Eureka boss. Wish the ends were just a tiny bit smaller so they would stay on.

Ronald J. Hathaway

I have a two year old Golden Retreiver. In ...

I have a two year old Golden Retreiver. In the Winter months she gets quite a bit of long hair and these grooming brushes are just the ticket for loose hair and shedding. Much easier for both "Lizzy" and I live in the family room!