Stainless Steel Washable Crucial Coffee Filter, Fits Aerobie AeroPress



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Crucial Vacuum
Jason K.

GREAT technology over standard filters

Thanks! I am happy to use this product versus expensive, disposable filters for my Toddy Cold Brew System. Works perfectly, and makes my coffee have maximum flavor.

Adam W.

worked great but I'm an idiot.

I used this filter a grand total of three times. I really liked it. But as the title says, I'm an idiot. I was so used to using the paper filters that on the 3rd time using it I popped it right into the trash like it was a paper one. I didn't even realize it until the next day when I felt that caffeine urge again. The trash at my office had already been taken out. I'll be purchasing another in the next day or two...bother.


works really well

Works really well, I do notice my coffee now has more oil in it which I like, tastes more full bodied. I do notice the occasional ground getting through but not a problem. The quality is excellent, smooth and uniform without any rough edges.


Easy to clean and make good coffee

Easy to clean and makes good coffee. Lets through a few more grounds than the paper filter, but nothing that negatively impacts the coffee- I just skip that last sip. Great for making the Aeropress more travel-ready as you don't have to bring paper filters. You can wipe this clean easily with a napkin, grounds don't stick to it, overall a good purchase.

Thomas Hecht

Concerns alleviated- holes small enough to filter without grinds getting in coffee

I reccommend this product if you're like me and you're sick of being without coffee filters (happened twice). It's a simple product, but I was concerned the holes were going to be too large for the grinds- it filtered without issue. It's also nice that I can throw it in the dishwasher every few cycles. And as an added bonus (not sure if it's just me?), but I feel the coffee is a little better? Maybe no paper taste or all the oils aren't filtered?